Bewakoofiyan theatrical trailer public response

Bewakoofiyan trailer featuring Ayushmann Khurrana and Sonam Kapoor released recently and when we showed it to our community members, this was their responses.

[icon type=”rectangle” size=”small” name=”e-chat”]It is a good one. A typical Yash Raj Rom Com. Ayushmann once again impresses with his acting skills and comic timing. Sonam is looking cute But, It’s Rishi Kapoor who steals the show. 3/5 from me. – Anand

[icon type=”rectangle” size=”small” name=”e-chat”]Trailer is strictly OK to Good. Nothing new from Overall feel to story. Sonam is looking hot and Ayushman has his own style. Rishi kapoor is looking as good as ever. There is not any striking scene or dialogue in complete trailer. Overall look is fresh, Youth oriented Rom-com. My Rating -3/5  – Rohit

[icon type=”rectangle” size=”small” name=”e-chat”]All I can see is another YRF rom-com saga with some new twist and turns. Sonam looks fresh and Ayushmann at his usual best. Rishi sir looks good and seems to play the best role in the film. The Bewakoofiyan title song seems to be good as we can hear some part of it in the trailer. I will give 3/5 stars. -Uditha

[icon type=”rectangle” size=”small” name=”e-chat”]Trailer is just good. I liked the chemistry of lead pair but the movie seems to have nothing new to offer. Story is similar to Dharma’s and YRF’s previous movies. Rating 3/5. - Karan Khan

[icon type=”rectangle” size=”small” name=”e-chat”] Good. It will appeal class audience more. 3.5/5 from me.


So this was the response from our community members what is your response? What is your rating for the trailer? Comment below..