Don (2006)

A different perspective on Don (2006)

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Since Ghajini crossed 100 CRS at the domestic Box Office back in 2008, they started a race of Box Office which mesmerized the trade, Filmmakers, media, fans & actors themselves. Within 10 years of the release of Ghajini, we have now seen movies doing even 500 CRS at Box Office.

So not surprisingly, we are seeing filmmakers & stars wanting their movies to get the biggest numbers & best release dates. Everyone wants their movies to release on the biggest of festivals. There are movie ls like Sanju, Baahubali 2, Padmavat showed that movies can go big on non-holiday too, and when movies can do this much in non-holiday, automatically the perception is that movie ls will do even more in big festivals.

In that sense, people are not wrong, as some of the biggest blockbusters in recent times have released on Eid & Christmas. But there is one name which is missing from all this list, & that name is DIWALI!

Diwali is the biggest festival in India, and considering that it should be the biggest for movies too, right? Wrong! If there is something which past few years have proved is that movies are not really working that well on Diwali, even the biggest of Superstars of India, the 3 Khans have tried & failed on Diwali, with the recent failure of Thugs Of Hindostan turning out to be shocking to the industry & trade.

So why are movies not working on Diwali? Is there a special reason? Or it’s just bad content? Maybe it’s a bit more than just bad content. In my opinion there is a simple answer to this question. Which I’ve tried to answer below.

The equation on Diwali is simple.

Give a great product or go f yourself. Diwali being biggest festival of India also means that long holidays and millions of people go to visit their relatives & celebrate, now many of them are those relatives who don’t even meet for full-year but only on Diwali festival, now it’s not difficult to understand why millions choose to have a good time with their families & relatives rather than watching a movie which they can do whole year.

Now under this circumstances, only good movies will survive, and bad movie will go down also the fact that in festival mood people like to celebrate & enjoy, and they have their relatives & families to enjoy with if you don’t have a good enough product, that’s one more reason why despite holidays continuing for fee days, movie drops because there are number of people who ignore movies on those days completely.

Also, there are festivals days before Diwali & days after Diwali, so in short, people have way more things to do than watch movies, so unless the movie is great, forget any chance of it surviving.

About movies like Golmaal 4 & Krrish 3, well they were Blockbusters, but that also had to do with their budgets, also neither Golmaal 4 nor Krrish 3 did anything close to market’s potential.

So the thumb rule of releasing movies on Diwali is simple, go really entertaining, or go home!

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