Its Box Office is an online magazine dedicated to everything related to release & post-release updates on Bollywood movies – released in India and rest of the world.

What do we plan to blog about?

First and fore-most – we dont believe in gossips on the personal life of actors as it is personal and private, and we dont intend to do any on this blog. You can expect latest news, box office reports, analytical comparisons, release date news, press releases etc sans gossip from our blog. Movie and music reviews will also be posted on the basis of reviewers availibility.

How do we get the figures for our BO Reports?

Due to the lack of uniformity in the studio, distributor and exhibitor factions, we dont get box office data of the films readily – in detail. So basically its impossible to get 100% accurate figures to the public. In India, We mainly have two sources for the estimate nett figures – (*usually considered as actuals*)

  1. An Independent trade magazine named BoxOfficeIndia.com; who with the help of independent trackers – have been been reporting figures for over a decade.  
  2. Studio Estimates: There are also a handful of established biz analysts in the country – like Taran Adarsh, Joginder Tuteja, Komal Nahta etc., who exclusively get the studio estimates within 10-12 hours of the last show of the previous day and they publish it over various social media platforms.

Contact us

Box Office collections are indicative and the reported figures may vary from the actual. If you have any kind of complaint against the content used in the site, please click here to contact us. Use the same contact to send us suggestions and feedback.