Two very important facts about our contributor program:

  • Will I get credit as the author? YES
  • Will I get paid? NOT at this Moment

Are you a writer? Or writing is your hobby? Do you want your work to be published? 

Then you’re at the very right place. If you’re interested in writing about Bollywood – then you’re welcome here.

Join the IBO writing academy and start writing. As a member of our Academy, we provide you with a platform to have your articles read by thousands of readers all over the country. You can join our team of contributors by posting your original articles written specifically for this site. All you need to do is register with us and submit your article, and our editorial/publishing team will do the rest.

Write about what?

Write articles related to films, write opinion articles, breaking news, features, etc. Write anything but the content must be strictly related to the Indian Entertainment industry. 

Why join us?

  • We will give you everything – From slide shows to images, from videos to classic long-form editorials, we’ll give you all the formatting options you need to please a crowd on any occasion.
  • On-the-spot copy editors – Our academy team will check your grammar, fix your typos, and optimize your article for search-engine placement—and then they’ll deliver personalized tips to help you get by with less help the next time around. We are at our initial stage in this writing program and we welcome all to join us and make this successful.
  • All credit is yours: We will give all the credits to you for the final product. Your article will contain your name and other details. We will never publish any article without crediting you.
  • Submit anytime: You’ll never find yourself working under an involuntary deadline with IBO —nor will there ever be anything to stop you from posting your analysis of a timely topic as soon as the news breaks.
  • Write as much as you want:  Some members of the IBO writing academy publish two or three articles a day; others only publish two or three times a month; all contributors are welcome so long as they write with the talent and passion that makes IBO unique.

Basic requirements for an article to get published :

  • The article must be on a relevant subject and must have a strong impact on the reader
  • The article must be thoroughly engaging for an average moviegoer
  • The article must not be copied from any other sites/blogs – post your original articles written specifically for this site.


In order to start writing – one must reach out to us to do so. Use this Contact Form to apply.