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Now we’re at a stage where our forum’s database is bloated with more than a million records in it, including Questions, Answers, Comments and the hidden variations of the aforementioned. As a result, We have had to subscribe to a high-cost server, which has seriously been burning holes in our wallet. Needless to say, the income from the forum has been lackluster with just 4 payments in the past two years. The reason behind the lack of income is due to the forum’s content not being advertisement friendly considering the text/content to post ratio in majority (say 90%) of the posts are inadequate to attract high-payout rich ads.

About Us

Its Box Office has been around since 2013, as a go-to place for hardcore Box Office enthusiasts to have a go at creating conversations related to, including, but not limited to, Indian Cinema, Trade and TV. Its Box Office also report News, Theatrical revenue of Bollywood releases, and also featured opinion articles from Guest writers. 

With over 70,000 questions posted, and around 600,000 interactions till date, IBO Community Forum is a unique place on the internet which hosts like-minded people who love Indian cinema and the trade aspect of it.

IBO Community is managed by its loyal members, with the moderation panel consisting of regular contributors who volunteer to do the work for the betterment of the forum, needless to say, without any monetary benefit.

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