Donate to Its Box Office

All donations include a nominal convenience fee of 3% + Rs 3 from the Payment Gateway that we use, Instamojo in this Case.

Who are we?

IBO Community has been around since 2013, as a go-to place for hardcore Box Office enthusiasts to have a go at creating conversations related to, including, but not limited to, Indian Cinema, Trade and TV.

Over past six years, IBO Forum have seen its fair share of ups and downs, from the hacking incident back in 2014, or the data purge of over 6 months worth of content from Database in 2018, to many users leaving the community over years due to many reasons. Despite of all these negative circumstances, the community as a whole was able to survive, and create content that enabled discussions across various topics which received millions of hits over the Internet.

Why Donate?

Now we’re at a stage where our forum’s database is bloated with more than a million records in it, including Questions, Answers, Comments and the hidden variations of the aforementioned. As a result, I have had to subscribe to a high-cost server, which has seriously been burning holes in my wallet. Needless to say, the income from the forum has been lackluster with just 4 payments in the past two years. The reason behind the lack of income is due to the forum’s content not being advertisement friendly considering the text/content to post ratio in majority (say 90%) of the posts are inadequate to attract high-payout rich ads.

I have been seriously considering to make the forum read-only, and disable logins – making it an archive essentially, to decrease the load on server. This would mean that there will be no new interactions in the forum, and it will remain on the internet for reference purposes for the existing content. As a result, i will be able to subscribe to a much-much cheaper host, compared to what we have today.

The reason behind choosing the archiving path initially, was due to the fact that the community members, you guys, have been working hard over the years with each and every interaction – be it positive, or negative to build this community up, opposed to removing the content from the site and disappear without a trace – as if we didn’t exist before. 

After discussing with the Admin/Mods panel, i have decided to not go with the archiving path, and to try going the crowdfunding path – and invite you guys to contribute to the forum monetarily. 

How will the Funds be used?

  1. Majority of it will go to get a quality server for the forum.
  2. To get a new layout for the forum, which is more mobile-friendly, considering more than 80% of the visits on our site – do so through mobile phone.